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Land Grab TM
Copyright 2001-2003 By 7th Peak L.L.C.
Scottsdale, Arizona
All Rights Reserved


Welcome To The
Wild Western World Of
Land Grab TM
The Early 1800's Colonial Adventure

Land Grab TM is an early 1800's era game where you try to acquire land and build a colony.  The rugged old-west environment provides a lively and challenging world for your new colony to grow from a tiny outpost in the wilderness to a vast, thriving community stretching across the plains!

As you build your colony, you will interact with hundreds of other players from across the globe in a virtual world that has an ongoing, perpetual existence, yet is constantly changing and affected by the actions of every player.  From the high seas to the dusty old west saloons, the game involves trading, socializing, conquest and exploration.  Come discover endless excitement and entertainment in the world of Land Grab TM

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