Patch Notes

Version 2.5

Major bug fixes have been implemented. Low-memory mode now exists, and should be used on low memory computers or under poor internet. Tagging and folders have been added to the file conversion category. Happy TCT-ing 2.5ers!

Version 2.4

Major tagging improvements! Downloaded music now can automatically download lyrics! You can also manually download lyrics on the Lyrics Form. Updating is now more efficeint, and no longer requires a full installation for most feature updates. Happy TCT-ing 2.4ers!

Version 2.3

Major bug fixes and tagging improvements have been implemented. Happy TCT-ing 2.3ers!

Version 2.2

Minor bug fixes and updates have been implemented. Most files are now stored in Local AppData rather than Program Files. New ease of use features exist, and you can now update some aspects of the TCT with no effort required. Happy TCT-ing 2.2ers!

Version 2.1

Major bugs have been resolved, and a few new features have been added. Enjoy new color schemes and ease of use features! TCT files take slightly less space now due to a few optimizations. Happy TCT-ing 2.1ers!

Version 2.0

Introducing a brand new easily-accessible interface and new features in our biggest update yet! Please review the newly updated license before using TConversionTool. This update introduces brand new media conversion and video extraction file formats. New multitasking features have been implemented to media conversion and video extraction, making it faster than ever to convert and extract videos! The MP4 to MP3 folder feature has been replaced with an accessible easy-to-use media conversion feature. The application has been rescaled, and now fully runs on one form, making it faster than ever to navigate. Several bugs have been resolved, and new features regarding media tagging have been implemented. Happy TCT-ing 2.0ers!

About TCT

TConversionTool (TCT) is an advanced multipurpose web video extraction and media conversion tool. TCT is currently at version 2.5. If it seems broken, you probably need to update.

For more information, you can send me an email.